Signs & Symptoms

 An intelligent child who is unable to read, write or spell at grade level.
 Has average to high IQ.
 Answers well orally but not in a written test.
 Reads 'saw' as 'was' writes '91' as '61' OR '14' as '41'.
 Leaves out lines while reading.
 Spellings are strange.
 Hates to read or being read to.
 Has trouble learning nursery rhymes.
 Faces difficulty putting thoughts into words.
 Stutters under stress.
 Mispronounces long words.
 Fails to recognise the letters in his or her name.
 Has difficulty remembering the names of letters,numbers or days of the week.
 Fails to connect letters and sounds.
 Confuses words that sound alike such as 'Tornado' for 'Volcano' or 'Lotion' for 'Ocean'.
 Has trouble memorising dates, names & telephone numbers.
 Spells terribly and has a messy handwriting.
 Has a deep fear of reading aloud.

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