Building awareness about learning disabilities and the need for early intervention

With an aim to spread awareness, workshops in schools are conducted for the teachers and parents by us.  The aim is to help in early identification of children with Specific Learning Disabilities (SpLD) and introduce intervention measures in mainstream schools and at home. The class teacher is provided with guidelines and recommendations for classroom adaptations to help the students cope with the curriculum. Regular meetings with the class teacher and parents are organised to monitor progress to help children with dyslexia realise their potential.


Introducing innovative teaching techniques in reading and spelling

A structured, cumulative, multi-sensory program for developing reading, spelling and writing skills in children and adults with dyslexia is followed stringently by us.

Scientifically proven teaching methods are used for improving reading, language comprehension, fluency in decoding sight words and phonemic awareness. Programmes focusing on phonemic awareness help children with dyslexia isolate, manipulate, blend and segment letter sounds into spoken and written words. 

Our remedial classes in English, Mathematics and Hindi with a dedicated faculty help the children generate mental energy by improving memory skills and attention span.


Conducting seminars and workshops

Seminars, workshops, panel discussions and conferences with leading academicians globally are invited to share their experiences, best practices and the latest developments. The objective is to update the community with the latest research and equip them with skills required to deal with children with a ‘specific learning and language difficulty’.
Eastern India’s first International Conference ‘D.A.R.E to Win’  held in December 2013, had eminent educationalists from the Teachers’ College, University of Colombia, USA and Kolkata, India .The second edition was held on in December 2015 and the next international conference will be held in 2020.


Setting up a training centre to help conduct and develop training programmes for teachers, aimed at sensitisation and remedial solutions is the key area for Kolkata.

Our focus is on assisting mainstream schools set up resource rooms capable of identification, assessment, development and implementation plans for children with special needs to provide inclusive and holistic school education.

Conducting conferences to enable researchers, clinicians, parents, teachers, psychologists and educational therapists is going to be our key area by 2020.

Working for the support of the state government and educational boards to make changes in education laws, choice of subjects, examination concessions and facilities will be our focal point.

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